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While the chances of vision loss from the eye increase as you age, it can be prevented through early detection and treatment. North Shore Kamloops Optical Centre can diagnose eye diseases with routine comprehensive eye exams. The earlier an eye disease is detected, the more effective the treatment can be. It’s important to note that some eye diseases can lead to tissue damage and permanent eye loss, which makes it all the more necessary to get a professional check for early symptoms.

Our optical centre is adept at regular eye checkups, pre and post-laser evaluations, as well as eye surgeries. Make an appointment with us to get your eyes checked for any diseases.

Our Differentiators

woman is doing eye test in optical clinic with experienced oculist

Take a look at the North Shore Kamloops Optical Centre edge:

  • Our optical centre is adept at regular eye checkups, pre and post-laser evaluations, as well as eye surgeries.

  • We have the latest eye diagnosis technology.

  • We ensure the comfort of all our patients.

Common Visual Illnesses - FAQs

Here are a few diseases that can be treated well if detected early by our optometrists. Get to know more about them below:

What Is Glaucoma?

This refers to a group of eye conditions that damages the optic nerve, resulting in loss of vision or blindness. The reason behind the damage is abnormally high pressure in the eyes. Several forms of glaucoma come with no warning signs, which makes it important to have regular eye exams to avoid the condition. 

What Is Cataract?

Cataract is a condition in which the lens of your eyes becomes cloudy or opaque. Cataracts develop slowly and may lead to blindness over time. If you are experiencing blurred vision or flashes of light in your eyes, you should contact our optometry clinic today.

What Is Conjunctivitis?

Also called pink eye, conjunctivitis is a contagious eye disease which can cause itching, tearing, stinging and red eyes. The disease can be transferred from getting in contact with the secretions from the infected person’s eye. You should call us immediately if you notice any symptoms of this infection.

What Is Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)?

This is an eye disease that has the ability to blur your central vision. It happens when the macula (the part of the eye controlling straight vision) breaks down due to aging. This disease is the leading cause of loss of vision in older people. Several factors such as smoking, UV exposure and high blood pressure can cause AMD. Having a dilated eye exam once in a while can help detect AMD early and treat it accordingly.


Regular eye exams are crucial for maintaining long-term ocular health, as many eye disorders don't first present with symptoms.

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