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Are you or your child suffering from nearsightedness (myopia)? Then you’d be happy to know that there is a surgery-free treatment option that can temporarily correct your vision while you sleep. North Shore Kamloops Optical Centre offers orthokeratology or ortho-k lenses designed to gently reshape the cornea. You put the lenses in at night and take them out in the morning to be able to see without your prescription glasses or lenses throughout the day. Our ortho-k lenses can also slow down the glasses prescription of nearsighted children. Contact our optical centre today to book an appointment for a proper ortho-k lens fitting.

What is Ortho-K lens?

Ortho-K lens is also known as OK lens. (Short for OrthoKeratology). It is a specially designed rigid contact lens have high oxygen permeability.  These types of lenses can reshape the cornea.  That is, by changing the geometry of the cornea to its demanded shape.  A way to help with high unaided visual acuity without having to do surgical operation.  You would wear OK lens during the night while sleeping.  The pressure from our eyelids while we sleep helps better reshape our cornea.  The advantage of orthokeratology is that it can slow the rapid progression of myopia, to Prevent adolescents from developing from low myopia to high myopia.  Thereby reducing the occurrence of complications such as retinal detachment and myopic macular degeneration sorts of complications.

Why Choose Us?

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Here are the top reasons to choose ortho-k lenses from North Shore Kamloops Optical Centre: 

  • Our ortho-k lenses can slow down the glasses prescription of nearsighted children. 

  • Our optometrists are adept at properly fitting your ortho-k lenses. 

  • They are safe and long-lasting.

Book an appointment with us today!

Things to Know about Ortho-k Lenses

If you or your child have been diagnosed with myopia and are looking forward to getting ortho-k lenses fitted by our professional optometrist, here are a few things you would want to know.

Are Ortho-k Lenses Safe?

The FDA as well as Health Canada have approved these lenses for the reshaping of the cornea. The gas-permeable material used in these lenses helps oxygen reach the surface of your eyes at night. Just like other contact lenses, you should clean and disinfect these before wearing them at night.

Are Ortho-k Lenses Effective?

Ortho-k lenses start taking effect as soon as you start wearing them, and 50% of the prescription is eliminated after just one night. The remaining prescription is typically reduced in under a fortnight. These lenses can also slow down the glasses prescription of children suffering from myopia by around 40-70%.

Are Ortho-k Lenses Comfortable?

These lenses are pretty comfortable to wear throughout the night. They do not press directly on the surface of your eye and sit on the tear film instead.

Are Ortho-k Lenses Durable?

The lenses may begin to change shape after a year of regular use. The alteration will affect the lenses’ ability to reshape the cornea. It is at this point that you should get your ortho-k lenses replaced by us.


Myopia patients can see clearly during the day by wearing ortho-k lenses at night.

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