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Mom with daughter in ophthalmology clinic


Every parent wishes for healthy development for their child. We focus on our child’s motor skills, brain development, oral care, and nutrition but often miss out on eye health assessments until the child complains. At North Shore Kamloops Optical Centre, we offer comprehensive children’s eye care services. We believe that the child should develop age-appropriate visual skills for healthy development. At our centre, we focus on your child’s visual development by conducting regular eye exams.

Following the recommendation of the Canadian Association of Optometrists, we suggest you do the first test for your child between the age of 6-9 months. The next eye exam can be scheduled between ages 2 and 5, and then annual exams until they reach age 19. Visit our optical centre for more information on children’s eye care.


Controlling Myopia

Our doctors are experienced in controlling and treating myopia in kids. A consultation with our doctor can help determine whether you can use contact lenses to control the progression of myopia in your child. We can also fit gas-permeable ortho-k lenses that your child has to wear at night and can see clearly during the day. These types of lenses also have the ability to slow down the prescription of glasses for children with myopia.

Focused clever child undergoing a checkup

Children’s Eye Care - FAQ

Here is an important question we have answered:

What to Expect During Children’s Eye Care?

The staff at North Shore Kamloops Optical Centre is passionate about eye care and offers eye examinations for all ages. We have a warm and comfortable setup that helps in relaxing your child. At North Shore Kamloops Optical Centre, we do not limit our eye care to vision. We have a series of tests to determine the health of the eyes of your child. These tests include visual acuity tests, vision screenings, and more. 


Trust the doctors at North Shore Kamloops Optical Centre to help you with comprehensive eye care for your child.

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