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While most of us realize that we need to go for an oral health checkup at least twice a year, do we value eye checkups the same way? Typically, we tend to forget the value of eye checkups until we start having vision issues. North Shore Kamloops Optical Centre offers a regular eye health assessment that can help prevent vision issues from occurring in the first place.

Our Edge

Our doctors will assess the structural components of your eyes and search for symptoms of eye diseases such as glaucoma, hypertension and occlusive disease at our on-site lab. We use the latest technologies for the early detection of eye health issues. 


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Question & Answers

Learn about the frequently asked questions regarding eye exams - 

Why and When Should You Get an Eye Exam Done?

Several eye diseases, such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration, are hard to detect without an eye checkup. Our clinic is fully-equipped with cutting-edge imaging and testing technology to examine the insides of your eyes and check for any possible issues. Meticulous screening and early intervention can protect your vision for long.

Typically, older people would need more frequent eye exams. Our recommendation is to get your eye tested at least once a year to make it possible for us to check your ocular health.

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What To Anticipate During An Eye Exam?

If you have never got your eye tested, you might be anxious before visiting an eye examination centre. To calm your nerves, we have listed a few things you can expect during your eye exam:

Questions about Your Medical and Family History

The optometrist will ask questions about your family and medical history before evaluating your vision. The family and medical history help us determine the risk of conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma.

Eye Test

This is the most important phase of an eye exam, where we use various methods such as visual field testing and refractor to test your vision and assess your visual needs.

Diagnosis & Imaging

This is the stage where we’ll check the symptoms of any eye disease. Some of this testing is a part of every eye exam. Some additional imaging might be added to have a good look at your anatomical structures.


It’s important to get your eye health assessed every year to ensure you prevent any vision issues from occurring at the earliest.